13 Best Alternatives of Skype for VoIP, Video and Voice Calls

Skype is the common VoIP app used by the people nowadays, usually, in doing video & voice calls with their friends and family.

People have their different motives while operating an app, so it’s quite obvious that sometimes you not get that, for what u are looking at.

So, in my following post, I have found some best alternatives for Skype, which the people can operate according to their usage.  Let’s have a look at some other alternatives for Skype.

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout

Google hangouts satisfy you if you guys are looking for more gain less pain means that high level of quality in cheap rates.

A Google hangout is the app developed by the Google, so the people can have a good communication platform. It’s a free app which allows users to communicate with other users of the hangout and it also provides the feature of group chat, but there is a condition for group chat in the hangout.

The maximum number of people those who can do group chat is 10. Hangouts are similar to Skype as they are also providing the IM service in their app i.e. (instant message).

Not only has this it also satisfied you by providing free calls in USA and Canada by Google voice.  You can also call your friends and family on their landline or cell phone though on very cheap rates.

The best thing about the Google hangouts is that they are available for both the android or iOS app store users.

Works on: Android and iOS.


VOXOXVOXOX is one the best alternative for Skype as it claims to provide you best communication services for your all desktop and mobile devices by the medium of VoIP and the software like cloud communications.

In my point of view, VOXOX is especially, good for businesses. Just like Skype it also provides free calls to VOXOX users and not only this, you can also call on any friends landline or mobile phones by enjoying the benefit of high-quality audio and video.

It has video messaging, voice calls, instant messages, SMS, and fax. As compares with the Google hangouts it has 20 numbers of people limits who can do a conference call.

If we go deep into it, we found that VOXOX provides you with a United States number that helps u to call or message for free across all the devices. The company introduces their new feature name as cloud phone.

This feature can answer and manage calls on your behalf and routes them also. As I told you earlier, this virtual system gives flexibility to the businesses, so they can help themselves to add users.

Works on: Android

3. Viber

ViberViber is developed and popularized by the company of Israel “viber media”. It allows you to make free calls and messages to another viber users or just any other network. Viber is a good alternative for Skype, just look at the following sub-points

  • HD video and voice calls in best quality
  • Sticker messages
  • Sticker messages with included text
  • Both for windows and mobiles
  • Sync with your mobile and windows

Viber is also very easy to use for PC, download Viber, enter your phone number, and start connecting with your friends.

It can also do image sharing on 3G, 4G and wifi connections. They have taken their app to an all whole different level. Now we can connect up to 40 participants on viber at one time.

Works on: Android

4. Line

LineLine is a messaging application, also used for video and voice calls. It is a free platform that can be used by all smartphones devices and computers operator.

It is introduced, publically in 2011, by Japan. In such a short time this application reached its great success as in 8 months after launch around 100-200 million users connected with this app. Their main focus is on the social interaction of people, apart from video or voice calls.

They have some extraordinary features like chat rooms, multiplayer games, custom profile and much more. Due to their new feature, no doubt it’s the great alternative to Skype.

line apart from its new features is also a brilliant app for calling your friends by the medium of landline and cell phones. Most interesting thing about this application is that every firmware like Android, Nokia Asha, iOS, windows, and blackberry can download and enjoy the ultimate fun of this application.

Works on: Android and iOS

5. FaceTime

FacetimeFaceTime is an application developed by Apple Inc. This application can only be run by the users of iOS or Mac OS x10.6.6 onwards.

As in the list of alternatives to Skype this app also provide us the high quality of audio or video call facility.

Apple makes this feature so easier to use for their users, as it takes only one tap to start FaceTime when you are calling someone.

Calls of 720P can be supported easily by this application. But if you are looking for HD (high definition) calls then you have to access FaceTime in latest iOS versions or MacBook pro, iMac and MacBook Air.

Best thing is all calls are free for their users, as it is their own application.

Works on: iOS

6. ooVoo

ooVooooVoo is first released in the year 2007 by the company name as, “ooVoo LLC”. You can do high-quality video or audio call in 12 places at one time. It is easily workable with the firmware’s like Android, iOS, Mac and windows PC.

It has some extra advance feature like video recording and call recording. There is a lot more new thing in this application, such as screen sharing it is a totally new feature.

This app is also linked with the YouTube; you just have to do one click, to upload your video on YouTube.

It also has a large storage facility, up to 1000 minutes. App also allows us to do landline/cell phone call for free. ooVoo premium account is ads free, so the users get no problem in using this app.

The most amazing features of this app are that if you are calling someone, it’s not mandatory that person should be on ooVoo. You are free to call anyone.

Works on:  Android

7. Voca

VocaVoca in the means of cheap is the best alternative to Skype. It is one of the best applications, which we can use for free if the receiver and we have installed it in our devices.

This app allows its users to make international calls through VoIP technology. It has cheap rates of an international call, varies from country to country.

We can also invite friends to chat with us. Group chat feature is amazing, as we can do unlimited chatting on groups.

It is easily connectable with your smartphones and tablets. It is supportable by only to operating system i.e. Android or iOS. It has also had some new features like we can share our location with our friends.

Works on: Android

8. WebEx

WebExWebEx was founded in 1996; this application is basically designed for online meetings, video conferencing and web conferencing.

All products which are part of it come under the Cisco collaboration portfolio (training center, support center, meeting center, business center, WebEx office etc.) Cisco systems Inc offered all Cisco WebEx products.

It is available only on a premium basis. Small teams of 3 can have a free version and the paid plans are starting from (24 USD) per month for only 8 members in the meeting.

Let’s have a look on some new features

  • HD quality video/audio of 720P
  • Easy to share screens, apps, files
  • Highlights documents of meetings and center
  • Introduced with new feature (call me feature)
  • Get your own personalized meeting room

Online meeting are brought up to people by WebEx

Works on: Cisco WebEx

9. Go To Meeting

Go To MeetingGo To meeting not provide the free service for their users. But they do no compromise when it came on the video conferencing; it proves to be the best among all.

They also provide a free trial of a month, after enjoying the free trial, they can sign up and the paid plans start from the 49(USD).

Maximum 25 people can join in a video conference and can do unlimited meetings.

This app also has a great HD quality of video/audio facility. Supports OS (operating system) like – Mac, windows PC, iOS, and Android devices.

We can also perform a new feature on it i.e. (desktop sharing).

Works on: Go ToMeeting

10. WeChat

WechatWeChat is a free platform, on which we can perform an activity like, instant messaging. This app was developed by Tencent. And it is publically released in January 2011.

Due to its active users, it became a largest standalone messaging application. This application is supportable by almost all the operating system like Android, iOS, windows PC and blackberry etc.

It works on desktop or mobile devices over (wifi or mobile data).

It introduced with some new features, like look around or another good feature geolocation. This feature can help us to find other users of WeChat.

It also has the latest style of group chat name as ‘walkie talkie’. It allows us to invite friends for this group chat. By the new service WeChat Out we can make international calls.

Works on: Android

11. Talky

TalkyTalky is a service, which is served by them for free. It is easy to use for video calling service.

The best thing about this application is that it saves your lot of time if you want to do group chat with your friends.

Because you don’t need any sign-up or installation to use their feature of group chat.

15-20 people can do group chat at one time. And the best thing about this application is that the all the persons in the group chat can share their screens with them.

It also has some great stuff of features in it. One of them is locked room; it is a kind of private room facility which they are providing for their users.

This app does not compromise the privacy of their users, which is a brilliant thing in my point of view.

Works on: Talky

12. UberConference

UberconferenceUberConference is not an application designed for video conferencing. But it is obvious that if a thing is bad at something than it is always good at another. Here also, when we talk about audio conferencing.

This is the most trusted software, which is being used worldwide. This app has both free and paid plans for their users.

As we can do unlimited calls for free up to 10 callers. And if we have to do up to 100 callers then there are paid plans also.

They give a good HD quality of the video, which you can record also, not only this they can also call you and the quality remains the same.

This application has also interlinked ups with the social networking sites for e.g.  Facebook and Google profiles.

Works on: UberConference

 13. VSee

VseeVSee is a project of Ph.D. students, of Stanford University. Their motive behind this project is to make virtual teamwork easy and gives their users an app which is trustable.

Its most amazing thing is that, in a space station or astronauts use this app. basically, it is also known as Telehealth system – in one place.

If we come to the video calls, this app provides us with unlimited video calls for free.

This app is not only for our own purposes, but it also resolves the problem of medical health. As we can meet and talk with the health consultants online through video calls.

If we talk about bandwidth, it is 50% less than the Skype. We can share files with our friends, but we can do only 1 screen share in one day. You can increase the screen share limit, but you have to take the paid plan of VSee.

Works on: VSee